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SyntaCraft Mod – Make survival much less complicated with this mod! Items that were previously very tedious to acquire are now easier to get!

Minecraft is fun and all, but making some of the items in it is incredibly tedious, such as sandstone, or regular stone. For one, they reuiqre you to mine the item itself, and in this case, it’s sand and cobblestone, and then after that, you need to do extra stuff to them to acquire what you want. You need to put a bunch of sand together in a crafting table to get sandstone, and you need to smelt cobblestone to get stone. That’s kind of tedious really.

That’s why theSyntaCraft Mod was born. theSyntaCraft Mod is a mod that changes the way you acquire these hard to get items by making it so all you need is a machine in order to make what you want. currently, this mod adds two new machines that do this, and they are called compactors and processors. The compactor is a machine that turns blocks into others, such as cobblestone to stone. Here’s the current list of what the compactor does:

  • Chiseled Sandstoneturns intoSmooth Sandstone.
  • Clay Blockturns into6 Bricks.
  • Cobblestone turns into Stone Bricks.
  • Stone Bricks turns into Chiseled Stone Bricks.
  • Sandturns intoSandstone.
  • Sandstoneturns intoChiseled Sandstone.
  • Netherrack turns into Netherbrick Block.

The next machine would be the processor, and this machine does the exact opposite of what the processor does. Here’s what the processor currently does:

  • Syntafractium Crystalturns into9 Syntafractium.
  • Blaze Rodturns into4 Blaze Powder, 2 Glowstone Dust.
  • Glowstone turns into 2 Glowstone Dust, 1 Blaze Powder.
  • All Ores turns into 2 of their final output (Gold ore turns into 2 Gold Ingots).

All in all, this mod is fairly small, but is nice. If you want to know the crafting recipe of this mod, I would suggest using “Not Enough Items”. Anyways, if you were looking for a way to quickly acquire stuff like stone and brick, then this mod is for you!

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