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Tale of Kingdoms 2 Mod – Add RPG elements into the game with this mod! Augment your experience in Minecraft completely!

Minecraft lacks a certain element in the game. It’s lacking a certain “pizzazz” that really makes it pop out to all types of crowds. That element is the RPG element. Minecraft didn’t really focus on the RPG element of the game, mainly because that wasn’t really the point of the game. However, the experience bar and the randomly generated structures seem to say otherwise, and that Minecraft only sort of implemented it.

That’s why theTale of Kingdoms 2 Mod was made. TheTale of Kingdoms 2 Mod is a mod for Minecraft that takes the already built RPG system Minecraft has (despite how small), and expands upon it fairly greatly. It does, however, do away with the experience system that Minecraft has, and instead, replaces it with its own experience system. Both of the systems do, however, work with one another, so that means that you can still have both of them without feeling conflicted. The new experience system allows you to upgrade your abilities, however, unlike the stock Minecraft experience system.

The new systems actually scales fairly well with a sword called Excalibur. This sword focuses on leveling up with you as you level up. this means that the sword is weak at first, as in, weaker than even a wooden sword. After a ton of playing, however, the sword becomes really powerful. In the beginning, when you are level 1, your strength is 4, meaning that the sword’s damage is 2. Every time you level up means that you can level up your strength 5 times, essentiallyboostingthesword’s strength by 2.5 each time. Once you’re level 30, the sword’s damage will be at 75 if you only level up your strength. This means that you can slay anything in one hit, and maybe even players with full diamond armor. This is a very daunting task however, because leveling up once is already fairly tedious.

All in all, this mod is pretty nice. This mod has much more to offer than what we covered above, and I recommend that you check this mod out if you like RPG-type mods.

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Tale of Kingdoms 2 Mod

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