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Minecraft has always been lacking something, and that’s a healing system. Sure, a golden apple might be able to save you in a pinch, but I’m talking about something like a beacon. Something that heals you if you stand near it. Even though the beacon doesdo this, making beacons require a ton of rare ores to make, and on top of that, take up a ton of space. What we need is something that takes up about 1 block, and heals you if you go near it.

Introducing, theTeam Fortress 2 Dispensers Mod! TheTeam Fortress 2 Dispensers Mod is a mod that adds the oh-so popular dispenser from Team Fortress 2. The dispenser in Team Fortress 2 is basically something the engineer places down that heals and resupplies allies that come near it, allowing for more sustainability when it comes to engagements. In Minecraft, however, resupplying isn’t needed as much, so this mod replaces resupplying with tool repairing and hungerreplenishing at the expense of using some of your ores to power it. This seems like a fair trade in my opinion. After all, Minecraft is still a survival-based game after all.

This mod is incredibly useful, and is bound to save your tons of times. Let’s say that you decided to play on hard, where hunger can actually kill you. Let’s say that halfway through your adventure, you run out of hunger points, and now you’re taking damage like crazy from hunger. Rather than frantically running to your chests in search of food, you can just stand near one of these dispensers, pop a couple of ores in them, and watch yourself get completely replenished.

All in all, this mod is pretty nice, and is recommended for anyone who would like to make it so their home completely restores their character topristinecondition. That, or is recommended for anyone who really enjoyed Team Fortress 2.



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Team Fortress 2 Dispensers Mod

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