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Tech Mod – Add advanced technology into your game! Launch rockets into the sky, and mine for some uranium!

Minecraft is very fun and all, but at the same time, the technology is veryminuscule. It almost makes you feel like you’re abarbarian. If you think about it, you’re just a guy destroying stuff and lugging a bunch of stuff around. The only way to slay mobs would be to use a sword, or use a bow and arrow. If only there was a way to slay mobs in style.

Well, there is, thanks to the Tech Mod! The Tech mod is a mod that allows you to craft rockets and tesla towers that are used to kill mobs around you. The rockets in this mod are all chip guided, meaning that you don’t have to guesstimate where it will hit with some measly laser pointer, or anything of that sort. Instead, you can go to where you want the rocket to blow up at, right click it with the chip, and then upload the chip into the rocket. All you need to do then is to give the rocket a redstone current, and next thing you know, you will see a massive crater at where you wanted it to blow up.

In addition to that, the rocket itself will give you the chip back after ti has been uploaded, so this means you can have a predesignated place for the rockets to go. For example, you can make it so the rocket targets anobsidian platform where mobs have been annoying you, such as the entrance to your house, or something of that sort.

Next up is the tesla tower. The tesla tower is a tower that draws power from the sun in order to shoot lightning at mobs in a certain radius. Sadly, it only works in daytime, so this means that you can’t use it as an overnight base defense. It’s still useful thoughbecausecreepers linger after night, and this tower will make quick work of those creepers easily.

All in all, this mod is great, and is recommended for anyone who would like to slay mobs in their game with style, or would just like to have a more advanced base defense.

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