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Minecraft doesn’t have that many plants really. This can be quite a problem for flower enthusiasts, or people who would like to have a prettier game, or would just like more flowers in general. I, for one, would like to see more plants, such as cherry blossoms, or even banzai trees.

Introducing, theTemperate Plants Mod! TheTemperate Plants Mod is a mod adds several different types of flowers into the game. this mod, you can spruce up Minecraft both aesthetically, and in a naturalistic fashion. What I mean by this, is that this mod will make the nature in Minecraft much better, meaning that dribbling around my travel be much better. Reason being, is that there’s much more to see, in considering these plants look unique, they could vastly change atmosphere.

For example, this mod adds to types of flowers that are very colorful. If you were to stumble upon whole bed of these flowers,you would immediately think bliss, and serenity. on the other hand, if you were to find the other types of plants, you would think about it in a more jungle, a rain forest atmosphere. despite just being flowers, these ones can change the atmosphere of the game greatly, depending on where they are, and how you put them if you decided to pick them up.

All in all, theTemperate Plants Mod is a pretty nice month, and is recommended for all flower enthusiasts, as well as people that would generally like to make the game prettier, or more atmospheric.

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Temperate Plants Mod

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