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Minecraft is fun, but so is Terraria. Both games are quite different from one another, despite being so similar at the same time. Despite the obvious 2D and 3D differences of the game, both game revolve around one mechanic – mining, building, and surviving. The more subtle differences the games have are the ways they both execute them. For one, Terraria has a ton of content when it comes to mining compared to Minecraft (kinda ironic considering the name), but Minecraft has a lot more creative aspects compared to Terraria. Why not make it so Minecaft’s mining system rivals that of Terraria’s?

Introducing theTerraria 3D Mod. TheTerraria 3D Mod is a mod that makes it so you can have all of the Terraria goodies in Minecraft. This includes all of the ores and stone that were present in Terraria, but in addition to that, some of the structures that were in Terraria, and even the corruption biome. It doesn’t stop there, however. This mod is the full package. This means that you can also craft the armor, weapons, and tools found in Terraria, and also fight off the mobs that were in Terraria.

This mod pretty much has almost everything that Terraria has, but is all in Minecraft. Considering the fact that the mobs in Terraria are ridiculously overpowered, survival enthusiasts will have a blast playing with this mod. In addition to that, the weapons in Terraria were also extremely fun to use because of how they worked, fighting will also drastically change thanks to this mod.

All in all, this mod is pretty nice, and pretty well made on top of that, and is recommended for anyone who is looking for a Terraria-like experience in Minecraft.

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Terraria 3D Mod

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