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TF2 Sentry Mod- Ever wanted to build a sentry in Minecraft, just like how you could as an engineer in team Fortress 2? Then this mod is for you!

TheTF2 Sentry Mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds the Sentry Turret that you can make in Team Fortress 2. Just like the one in TF2, the one in Minecraft has 3 stages that you can upgrade your turret to. Unlike the ones in the actual game however, you can make the one in Minecraft designate specific targets, allowing for amazing mob grinders if you are into that sort of stuff.

All you need to do is to craft the sentries and place them (crafting recipes in the video below, or you could go to the official forums post, which the link is also located below), and if you want to upgrade them, just craft a wrench and whack away, just like in the real game!

All in all, this mod is a great mod for any Team Fortress 2 veteran, or anyone who wants to have a better guard as opposed to snow golems. Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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TF2 Sentry Mod

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