The Farlanders Mod


The Farlanders Mod – Ever found villagers tiresome, and wanted another faction? Then this modisfor you!

The Farlanders Mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds another faction of villagers into your game, complete with houses, different skins, trading capability, and even their own currency!

This mod is fairly similar to NPC villages, in that the Farland villagers are randomly generated, and are fairly hard to find. The farlanders are alsoprotectedby a Golem, which is similar to an Enderman, except for the fact that the Golem is slightly larger, and comes with horns. The Golem is a docile, yet hostile mob, meaning that it is similar to Iron Golems and Zombie Pigmen, meaning that it will not attack you unless you attack it first. Anyways, back to the Farlanders. The Farlanders themselves are passive mobs, just like villagers. You can even trade with them just like you would with regular villagers. However, unlike villagers, who require emeralds for some trades, Farlanders require rubies, which is a new ore that was added into the game, thanks to this mod.

All in all, this mod is incredibly in-depth, and has almost all the mechanics of regular NPC villagers. if you would like to see what the Farlanders and Golems look like, look at the screenshots below.

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The Farlanders Mod

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Compatible Minecraft Version
1.7.2 1.7.10
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