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The Lord of the Rings Mod – Make your game resemble the Lord of the Rings with this mod!

Minecraft doesn’t have enough portals to other dimensions. There’s the nether, and then the end. Other than that, however, there’s nothing else to go to. In other news, Lord of the Rings is awesome. The scenery is great and whatnot, along with the general atmosphere pretty much. Why not combine both of these amazing items to make a really awesome thing?

That’s whatThe Lord of the Rings Mod is all about.The Lord of the Rings Mod is a mod that, well, addsThe Lord of the Rings elements into Minecraft through the use of another dimension. This means that the normal world remains unaffected,whichultimately means that you can have the best of both worlds, switching back and forth between them in aseamlessmanner.

Anyways, this mod adds several new mobs, items, structures, and biomes, all in the newly created dimension. Here’s the list of biomes that have been added into the game, along with somecharacteristicsthey have:

  • The Shire
    • Lush and green landscape with a couple of trees here and there.
  • Rohan
    • A flatlands biome that has a few trees. My kind of biome.
  • Mordor
    • A dark, mountianous biome. You pretty much know what this place is, and yes, you can simply walk into this biome.
  • Misty Mountains
    • A snowy biome with mountains everywhere.
  • Gondor
    • A flatland biome with snowy hills in the background.

This alone, is enough to make this mod a really great mod. This mod also adds hobbits, hobbit structures, orcs, and much, much more, but it’s up to you it find the rest! (or you can watch the YouTube video below.)

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The Lord of the Rings Mod

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