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The Peaceful Pack Mod – Don’t let the peaceful difficulty mode limit you from being able to get mob drops! Install this mod and acquire all those drops without cheating!

I hate how Minecraft’s mechanics force you to play on a higher difficulty besides peaceful in order to do certain tasks, such as fishing. In order to fish, you need to make a fishing rod, and in order to make that, you need string. How doyouget string? Through slaying spiders. What about the gift of instant growth through bone meal? The only way that will happen is if you attack skeletons. See? You need to be on a higher difficulty in order to do certain tasks, and sometimes, I’m pretty sure slaying mobs isn’t too fun if your main desire is to create a nice house with survival aspects.

Well, fret no longer! The Peaceful pack mod has come to the rescue! The peaceful pack mod is a mod that makes it so you can acquire all the previously impossible to get items that are exclusive to higher difficulties. Here’s a list of some of the features that this mod has to offer:

  • Flax
    • Drops flax fiber and flax seeds.
    • Flax seeds can be planted for more flax.
    • Flax fiber can be put into the crafting table side by side to make string.
  • Cloth
    • Acquired by putting two pieces of string together.
    • Can be used to make leather armor.
  • Ender Clam
    • Found in the bottom of the ocean
    • Drops ender pearls when broken
  • Chain armor
    • Can be acquired by filling the crafting table with iron bars.
  • Slime Slabs
    • Found throughout the world.
    • Can be mined to get slimeballs.
  • Fossils
    • Found throughout the underground world
    • Can be mined to get bones.

That’s just a couple of the items you can get! If you’d like to see all the features that this mod has to offer, watch the video below.

All in all, this mod is great for anyone who hates playing on harder difficulties, just to get a couple of resources. I know I would definitely use this if I didn’t like fighting mobs!

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The Peaceful Pack Mod

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