The RC Mod


The RC Mod – Use the vehicles to spy out your land or just to have fun!

The RC Mod gives you the option to craft miniature land vehicles, aircrafts, and watercrafts. It is similar to any other vehicle mod, but the difference is you can’t enter it so when you fly out into a distance, you’re character won’t be endangered. This is great for taking a look around an island perimeters or to spot the mobs around you. This mod is also great for scouting enemies, caves, and other islands out on the ocean. When you first use this mod, you have the option to craft a training plane to get yourself used to controlling. Then you move onto a faster version of the aircraft. The flying of the aircrafts and movement animations are creative and decent. The RC car is quite fun to use to with its own animation, the vehicle is made to automatically jump if it hits a block higher.

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The RC Mod

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1.10 1.7.10
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