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The Wars Mod – Play with your friends with the various game modes this mod adds, including PVP, spleef, and much, much more! Fun is guaranteed!

Minecraft has always been lacking in the PVP department. Not once could you create a structure on the fly specifically meant for PVP. You never see anyColosseumthat spawn either, but rather, just some pyramids and temples, but the problem with those is that they aren’t oriented towards PVP, or fighting for that matter, but are rathertargetedtowards finding loot. You can never really have any PVP or mob dominating fun in the game without having to build it on your own, which will most likelyinvolvea form of cheating.

That was the past. Nowadays, you can just install theWars Mod. TheWars Mod is a mod that allows you to craft various structures meant for PVP, mob fighting, or pretty much anything involving competitive play. For example, you can craft 6 different types of PVP arenas, 6 different types of spleef arenas, a hunger game game mode, 2 different types of towers, and several other buildings. You can build a rocking PVP map in literally seconds if you’re in creative mode.

Anyways, the main appeal to this mod is that you can craft these structures to play with your friends, in order for some quick and hassle-free PVP action, without having to go into a PVP server with people you probably don’t even know, which ruins the experience. Imagine that. On top of that, you can also install this on your server, soyourfriends can also join in on the arena building fun!

All in all, this mod is incredibly solid, and I would recommend it for anyone who would like to play competitive games with their friends. I know that I’m going to use this on my server!

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The Wars Mod

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