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Timber Mod – Has it ever been an inconvenience to you when it comes to collection wood in Minecraft? Well this mod is for you!

This mod is a mod in Minecraft that makes all the logs of the tree trunk break if you hit the bottom of the tree trunk with any type of axe. That’s where the mod got it’s name, because you are essentially making the whole tree “fall” when you hit the bottom part of the tree. This is particularly useful if you are impatient when it comes to cutting down trees and getting wood or if it’s getting close to night and you don’t like cutting wood down in the dark. (or if you don’t like mobs interrupting you!) Also, this Mod only works with an axe, and hitting a tree with anything besides an axe will make only one log break, just like what would happen in vanilla Minecraft. Now for some videos showcasing the mod, since this is a mod you have to see in action, rather than a static mod.

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Timber Mod

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