Too Much TNT Mod


Too Much TNT Mod – Add even more TNT types in your game with this mod! Blow even more stuff up while you blow stuff up!

TNT in Minecraft has gotten kind of dull. There’s not much fo avariety to them, and they don’t do as much damage as you would hope they would. If only there was a way to fix that, like adding more TNT or something of that sort.

Well,don’tfret any longer! The more TNT mod is here to save the day! The more TNT mod, as you may already know, adds more TNT into the game. On top of that, this mod also adds a new ore that drops five gunpowder when mined. Thisisuseful, considering that this mod requires a ton of gunpowder in order to properly be used. Here’s some of the TNT added into the game:

  • TNTx5
    • Creates an explosion five times larger than TNT
  • TNTx20
    • Creates an explosion twenty times larger than TNT
  • TNTx100
    • Creates an explosion one hundred times larger than TNT
  • TNTx500
    • Creates an explosion five hundred times larger than TNT
  • Meteor TNT
    • Essentially the Nuke of this mod. It’s called the Meteor TNT because of the crater it leaves behind.
  • Flat Bomb
    • Flattens the land above and around it, but not below it. This is useful for times where you have to clear out large portions of land.
  • Mining Flat Bomb
    • Similar to the Flat bomb, but doesn’t obliterate ores, and also places torches everywhere. Mining is now going to be so much easier!
  • House TNT
    • Creates a house when blown up.
  • Vaporize TNT
    • Takes out ONLY water and lava.Prettycool right?
  • Ocean TNT
    • Creates an ocean at the level the TNT detonated at.

All in all, this mod si a great mod for anyone who would like to have, well, more TNT in their game. I know I’m going to use this!

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Too Much TNT Mod

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