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TooManyItems – The popular item spawner, now with much more capabilities, such asgame modeswitching!

TooManyItems is a mod for Minecraft that allows you to spawn all the items available to Minecraft, along with the items added by mods. This is similar to the creative game mode normal Minecraft has, but you can actually access your inventory properly, and you can use this on the survival game mode. This mod is pretty useful if you want to play on the survival game mode, but you don’t want to bother going around getting materials. Even though this sort of defeats the purpose of playing on survival, if you use this mod sparingly, you could still make the survival portion work.

Anyways, using the TooManyItems mod is very simple. First, access your inventory by pressing “E”. Then left click any item on the right sidebar to get a stack of it. You can right click it for just one though. To get an unlimited quantity of an item, hold down shift and left click on an item. It’s as simple as that! And now, you can turn creative mode on/off, turn rain on/off, and change the time of day with the toolbar on top of the screen when you access your inventory!

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TooManyItems Mod

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