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I love being sneaky in Minecraft. The reason being, is because it’s fairly easy to do so. For example, you could make a wooden house, and then use a hidden lever to access a hidden room in the house. The reason I said to use a wooden house is because wooden planks are normally set to show on x-ray mods even, meaning that people that use x-ray won’t be able to see your hidden rooms. Anyways, hiding stuff in Minecraft is fun, but the amount of redstone needed can be quite daunting, and on top of that, wiring hidden rooms in a compact and unnoticeable fashion can be quite a bother, unless removing the button or lever when you’re done is fine with you.

Fortunately, there’s a mod that fixes this problem, and it’s called theTorch Levers Mod. TheTorch Levers Mod is a mod that makes it so you can craft an item that resembles a torche, but if you right click it, it will activate a redstone current, and will turn into a redstone torch to signify that it’s active. Once you’re done, you can right click the torch once again, and it will turn right back to a normal torch. this means that if you’re clever with your torch placement, people won’t even notice that there’s a secret room right next to them.

In addition to torches, this mod also works with bookcases, bricks, and nether bricks, in case torches aren’t your style. What’s cool about these blocks is the way to activate them. In order to activate them, you will have to right click a specific texture on the block. This adds a level of security, as well as a level of coolness.

All in all, theTorch Levers Mod is a pretty nice mod, and is recommended for anyone who would like to conceal items in a visually appealing fashion.

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Torch Levers Mod

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