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Torches Everywhere Mod – ever wanted to place torches on glass, or even the side of fences? Then this mod is for you!

The Torches Everywhere Mod is a mod for Minecraft that, well, allows you to place a torch on virtually anything. This means that you could place your torches on fences, glass, glass panes, and many more things that torches were impossible to be placed on. You could even place them on Pistons! despite the fact that this is a small modification, it can serve to be pretty useful at times. For example, you could make a greenhouse that’s completely made out of glass and glass panes. Rather than ruining the aesthetic appeal of it by placing older blocks, such as wood, you could place porches on the glass itself, thus, keeping the aesthetic appeal of the greenhouse.

This mod is more or less an aesthetic mod, and doesn’t have much purpose in the survival mode, but it can still make most of the things you have a little more appealing. I would definitely recommend this mod people who like to make their creations perfect without the slightest bit of imperfection. Now for some screenshots.

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Torches Everywhere Mod

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