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Trapcraft Mod – Create several traps to capture those pesky mobs, or trap your friends with this mod!

I love messing with my friends. The pranks we do to each other are always so funny, but since we’re all light-hearted people, we all just laugh it off in the end. Just the other day, my friend was sitting on the stool, doing his schoolwork. Being the good friend I am, I yanked that stool and he fell on the ground. The teacher saw, and gave us a grim stare, but since we laughed it off, she continued with her own business. This same friend also plays Minecraft. You may be saying, “Why is this guy just rambling on about pranks and Minecraft and stuff?”

There’s actually a very good reason, and it’s called theTrapcraft Mod. TheTrapcraft Mod is a mod that adds several traps into the game to satisfy one’s nature of pranking, or even for just plain old base defense. Actually, it’s more towards base defense really, but you can still prank your friends if you want to. Anyways, first up is the dummy. What this guy is, basically, is a dummy, and all hostile mobs (with the exception of zombies) will attack it. It has 20 hp, so it should hold for a while.

Next up is the igniter, and this thing is basically redstone powered netherrack. If a redstone current passes to it, it will start lighting on fire, just like netherrack. On the topic of stuff popping out of the ground hurting you, this mod also adds spikes, which hurt anything they touch. Useful for pitfall traps. In order to hide them, however, you need to craft grass covering, which looks just like grass, but breaks when stepped on. when I say it looks just like grass, you literally can not tell at all.

All in all, this mod is pretty great. There are a couple of other mechanisms thathavebeen added in the game, such as fans and magnetic chests, but they don’t really give off the trap and prank vibe. If you want to know more about them, check out the video below.

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Trapcraft Mod

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1.7.2 1.7.10
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