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Tubestuff Mod – Connect Buildcraft’s and Redpower’s mechanics together in an elegant fashion!

Has there ever been times where you installed two industrial-type mods, such as Redpower and Buildcraft, only to find out that the mods have poor compatibility with each other? Still wish you could use both of them anyways? Then this mod is for you.

This mod adds about seven new blocks that should definitely increase compatibility between the two mods, along with increasingefficiencybetween the two mods too. Those seven blocks include the buffer, the automatic crafting table, the black hole chest, the incinerator, the duplicator, the block breaker, and the retrievulator. Here’s an in depth description of the blocks added:

  • Buffer
    • Allows you to transfer items through both BuildCraft and Redpower and vice versa.
  • Automatic Crafting Table
    • As the name suggests, you can add a crafting recipe for the crafting table to craft, and all you need to do isconnecttubes into the crafting table so you can deposit the required materials into the table.
    • The crafted items come out of the top of the block.
  • Black hole Chest
    • A chest that holds an infinite amount of items. Sort of overpowered.
  • Incinerator
    • Destroys any block that enters it forever.
  • Duplicator
    • You can duplicate an infinite amount of an item, but it will have a cooldown before you can use it again.
  • Block Breaker
    • Will break any block in front of it.
    • Strength depends on the tool you put inside of it. For example, a diamond pickaxe inside the block breaker will mine stone faster than a stone pickaxe in the block breaker.
  • Retrievulator
    • Allows you to retrieve items from chests through a tube system. Sort of confusing to use, but you will get the hang of it later on.

All in all, this mod is pretty handy to any of you power users out there who favor a more elegant approach to increasing compatibility with BuildCraft and RedPower. Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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Tubestuff Mod

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