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Turret Mod – Craft your own set of bodyguards that will destroy anything in sight thanks this mod!

The turret mod is a mod for Minecraft that allows you to craft a set of turrets, with each having their own specific capability. For example, the tier 1 turrets shoot arrows, while the tier 3 turrets shoot lasers. this mod can be very useful survival wise. For example, let’s say you’re in the middle of nowhere trying to get home, are almost out of food, are low on health, and there are about three spiders chasing after you. Thanks to this mod, the turrets will eliminate the spiders while you are still kept intact. There are many uses for this mod. If you combine this with the invasion mod, the turrets will aid you greatly and you could essentially increased amount of waves you could survive. You could even make some very accurate portal levels if you combine this mod with a portal gun mod. The possibilities are unlimited. Let’s get on with how to use the Turret mod.

First of all, you have to craft a turret. You can find a crafting recipes of each turret either in the official forums post, or in the video below. Then you craft a turret control unit. This is so you can control what types of mobs the turrets shoot. after that, you just right-click the turret with the designated ammunition in your hand (ex Arrows, Bullets, Redstone.). It will start to fire away! Now for some screenshots.

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Turret Mod

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