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Ultimate API Mod – Install all modding API’s in a very quick and easy manner! Incompatibilities will no longer consume your modding experience!

Has there ever been a time where you said, “Oh! these two mods will go great together!” only to find out that both of them require different APIs, such as one needing the GuiAPI and the other requiring the CodeChickenCore API? “Oh, well, I can just install both of them right?” you might say. Well, that won’t happen because these two APIs might not be compatible, and there you have it, a broken minecraft.jar file that you will need to dispose of again.

That’s where this mod comes into play. Why bother asking the mod developer to recreate his mod with a different API, when you can just install ALL the APIs? That’s right, all (well almost. The largest ones at least). The benefit of using this mod over installing the APIs separately is that this mod ensures compatibility between all the APIs, and also reduces the hassle of installing each API separately because this mod is one big pack put together. Below is a list of all the APIs added:

  • Minecraft Forge
  • Forge Modloader
  • PlayerAPI
  • GuiAPI
  • RenderPlayerAPI
  • ModOptionsAPI
  • SchematicAPI
  • ID Resolver Mod
  • CodeChickenCore
  • Quinoptions

Quite a bit right? Thebestpart is- all of them are compatibly with each other. No longer will you have to commit to trial and error tests between two mods that use Different APIs. This is why this mod rightfully deserves a spot in our “Essential Mods” and “Parent Mods” list.

Since this mod is an API, this means that it is impossible to show screenshots or videos of this mod. Rather, we’ll skip right ahead to the installation instructions of the mod. Also, if you want to play a minigame on this article, just drink a cup of milk (or any other substance. hint hint.) every time you see the word “API” written. You are bound to throw up.

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Ultimate API Mod

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