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Biomes in Minecraft are nice and all, but there’s a major problem with them – they are only on the surface. Underneath the surface is the exact same thing: stone everywhere, with an occasional dungeon, and if you’re lucky, you could find a stronghold. Other than that, the underground portion of Minecraft is pretty boring, or that was the case until a certain mod came to be…

Introducing theUnderground Biomes Mod! TheUnderground Biomes Mod is a mod that does exactly what it says, in that it adds several underground biomes for you to explore, while minimally affecting the top. This means that it integrates perfectly with Vanilla Minecraft, and if you were to show it to someone who’s new to Minecraft, they will think that it’s part of the game!

This mod is more or less meant as a jab towards Terraria, a game which has superior underground scenery, mainly because it actually has scenery underground. Thanks to this mod, however, you can now say the same about Minecraft. In my opinion, Minecraft is a superior game, but Terraria had Minecraft beat when it came to terrain generation. Thanks to this mod, this is no longer the case.

All in all, this mod is pretty nice, and is recommended for any Minecraft player that’s avid in mining, and would like to have more to explore down there.




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Underground Biomes Mod

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