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UseCount Mod – Get a precise amount of uses on your tools before it’s time to stop using them!

Ever wonder how many uses you have left on that enchanted diamond pickaxe you have, just to make sure you don’t use it all up so you can repair it and use it another time? Then that’s where this mod comes into play. This mod adds a number in the middle of the tool, or right above the durability meter. Rather than having to go through the whole process of pressing “F3+H” and constantly opening your inventory to see how many uses a tool has left, all you need to do is glance down and bam, instant notification of the item’s current durability state.

As stated before, this mod is particularly useful for those times where you have an incredibly valuable tool that you would like to repair, rather than letting it break. This could be a renamed tool, a tool with an expensive enchantment, or maybe just a tool that you held near and dear to you.

For example, I used to have an iron sword that I got from killing a fully armored zombie during the first 5 minutes of my game. It was in poor condition. I mined and mined until I managed to get enough iron for an anvil, and I repaired the sword, and also renamed it Excalibur (cliche, I know). From then on, that sword was my main sword, and I always brought it with me. Anyways, I brought it with me to go get some resources. Night came. I was not really afraid of dying because my sword was there with me. Unfortunately, the durability of the sword was at a quarter already, and me, thinking it had enough durability to last, decided to use it rather than making another sword. Unfortunately, a horde of zombies appeared out of seemingly nowhere, and I was forced to use Excalibur, and before I knew it, the sword broke. I managed to get away, but I had just lost my favorite sword. If I had this mod installed, then maybe, just maybe, that sword would still be with me today, as I would have ran away before the sword broke. I did make a diamond sword though later on, and killed every single zombie I saw.

All in all, this mod is recommended for anyone who has a powerful tool, and would like to know when it will break, so they will not have to go through the process of recreating it again, and rather just repair the tool. Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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