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Utility Mobs Mod -Dont feel safe with the golems provided in minecraft? well with the Utility mod you can make your house into a fort that no enemy can enter.

The Utility Mobs mod adds seven new golems and ten turrets for you to use. The seven golems that are added are the Stone Golem, the large Stone Golem, the Obsidian Golem, the Armor Golem, the Gold Armor Golem, the ScareCrow and the Bound Soul. The Stone Golem is one of the basic golems that you can create, itdoesn’troam around like an ordinary golem it will stay on place until it feels the presence of an enemy. The large Stone Golem which is a larger stone golem built with twice the amount of coblestone, the Obsidian Golem is as large as a Large Stone Golem but it is early indestructible, similar to regular obsidian. The Armor Golem looks like an invisible player wearing armor, and fights with an iron sword, the Gold Armor Golem is similar to the regular Armor Golem but each time it hits a enemy you earn xp. The ScareCrow goes where you go and will aid you in battle, take note that he will only be as strong as the weapon he has. The Bound Soul looks kind of like Herobrine, but he is your ally can use weapons and can wear armor.

The turrets that are added are the Snow Turret, the Stone Turret, the StoneBrick Turret, the Obsidian Turret, the Fire Turret, the Ghast Turret, the Sniper Turret, the Shotgun Turret, theGatlingTurret, and the Killer Turret. The Snow Turret does the same damage as a snow golem but wont make your home to a winter wonderland, the Stone Turret its damage is equivalent to an arrow shot from a skeleton. The StoneBrick Turret just fires arrows at a faster rate than a normal stone turret, the obsidian turret which is as effective as a stone turret but has higher health and shields, the fire turret which shoots fire ballssimilarto blazes, the Ghast turret is similar to a fire turret but shoots fire balls the same size as a ghast would. The Sniper turret which can fire a a longer distance, is more accurate and deals more damage. The Shotgun turret that shoots at a spray of six arrows per shot, theGatlingturret which shoots two arrows ever second.Finallythe Killer Turret which can attack everything around it at once which makes it extremely effective. Now with these Golems and Turrets defend your home andconquer your world.

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Utility Mobs Mod

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