Vertical Redstone Mod


Vertical Redstone Mod – Ever wanted to place redstone on a wall in order to cut down the size of your creations ? Then this mod is for you!

The Vertical Redstone Mod is a mod for Minecraft that allows you to place redstone on walls, which is why it’s called the vertical redstone mod. This mod is very useful since it cuts down the size of most creations significantly. In a typical vanilla redstone creation, you would have to make a staircase or some kind of spiraling set of blocks. Not to mention that this will take a whole lot more of redstone, and since you will be using a lot of redstone, this means that you will also have to fiddle around with redstone repeaters, or two redstone power inverters. This may cause an unwanted delay if you’re using the repeaters, and redstone inverters are hard to make in midair, and even then will require even more redstone.

This is why this mod is very useful. Instead of what would be a redstone mess that requires over 100 redstone wires, would only take around 10-20 redstone wires thanks to this mod. What I’m still wondering though, is why the folks down at Mojang haven’t included this in-game yet. Anyways, I would highly recommend this mod for all the redstone creation enthusiasts out there. Now for some screenshots.

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Vertical Redstone Mod

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