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Very Hard Difficulty Mod – Is Minecraft just too easy? Even hardcore isn’t enough? Then you should definitely check this mod out!

The Very Hard Difficulty Mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds an extra layer of difficulty. This mod makes the game fairly hard if I say so myself! It’s much harder than even the hardcore difficulty. Why? The reason being is because this mod adds the following features in-game:

  • Ores are now harder to find, and the veins are much smaller than what was in vanilla Minecraft.
  • Caves are also harder to find.
  • Think you can just go to a ravine to find some ores? Wrong! Ravines have been removed too.
  • Zombie pigmen are aggressive, even if they aren’t provoked.
  • Mobs spawn much closer to you (15 blocks away compared to 24 blocks away).
  • Mobs now have equal spawn rates, so that means that it will be harder to find sheep.
  • Mobs can now find you, even from a distance.
  • Mobs damage you more (2-3 hearts more now)
  • Skeletons still have the same damage, but they shoot about two times faster. A group of these guys will definitely not end well!
  • Zombies and Skeletons aren’t burned by sunlight anymore.
  • Magma cubes jump higher. Now they can reach you faster.
  • Silverfish are more powerful now. These guys were pesky as it is, but now, they’re just plain dangerous!
  • Unless a big mushroom spawns naturally, you will not be able to see these since bonemeal doesn’t work on mushrooms now. Yeah, that means that you will have to work for mushroom stew now, just like the good old days!

On top of all that, the blast radius of the hostile exploding objects have been increased too! Here’s the list of those:

  • Vanilla ghast bombs have a blast radius of 1 block. This mod increases the blast radius to a slightly more powerful version of a vanilla creeper.
  • Vanilla creeper explosions have a blast radius of 3 blocks. This mod increase the blast radius to 6 blocks, or the equivalent of a charged creeper explosion (A charged creeper is a creeper struck by lightning in case you are wondering).
  • Vanilla charged creeper explosions have a blast radius of 6 blocks. This mod increases the blast radius to 10 blocks. These are very dangerous now!

All in all, this mod makes the game more challenging. Playing it on hardcore makes it even harder! I would recommend this mod for those Minecraft survival junkies who want to have a real Minecraft survival challenge. Now for some screenshots.

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Very Hard Difficulty Mod

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