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Walking Dead Mod – Imagine hordes of zombies piling up in front of yourdefenses,in broad daylight that is!

Ever wanted to relive the popular TV show, The Walking Dead, all in Minecraft? Think about it, zombies everywhere, killing your food supply, and all of them are determined to get you. Now imagine that in Minecraft. Sounds like zombie apocalypse paradise right?

Well, you can now make that paradise possible with this mod! Here’s some of the features this mod has to offer:

  • Zombies no longer burn in daylight. Daytime adventuring is now dangerous!
  • Zombies will attack chickens and pigs if they are nearby. Your food supply will be cut.
  • Zombies have heightened senses, allowing for them to sense your presence farther away.
  • Zombies spawn more often now. You are no longer safe!

You might say that this mod isn’t exactly a “full featured” zombie mod, but hey, with a little imagination, and if you have the proper map to play on (find or create a walking dead map. I am pretty sure you will have a good time!), your imagination will handle the rest!

For example, let’s say you build the prison that was featured in the Walking Dead. How awesome would it be to re-enact all the scenes and stuff thatoccurred, all in Minecraft? Sounds awesome right? Now you get the idea!

In conclusion, this mod isn’t meant for the Minecraft player who has already established a base of operations complete with a steady supply of food, such as a wheat far, but is rather meant for the kind of player that enjoys adventuring the land, and would like to up the ante when it comes to the difficulty. Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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Walking Dead Mod

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