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Walled City Generator – Ever wanted to have cities in Minecraft, but you’re too lazy to build them? Then check this mod out!

The Walled City Generator Mod is a mod for Minecraft that randomly generates cities throughout the map. currently, there are four different city styles taken randomly generated. The first style is the mossy cobblestone city style, which is a city completely made out of mossy cobblestone and regular cobblestone. The second city style is the Sandstone city style. The cities in this city style are made out of sand and Sandstone, and have either a yellow or blue wool roof. the third city style is the cobblestone city style, which is very similar to the NPC villages, except they’re on a grander scale. The last city style is the ruined Sandstone city style,which consists of destroyed buildings with destroyed cobblestone roofs.

Anyways, the cities are fairly large and are very fun to explore. Some of the towers have chests filled with goods, while other towers have spawners. You can easily avoid the spawners by playing on peaceful. As stated before, the cities are randomly generated as you explore the map. You can tell if a city is been generated because the mod will tell you the exact coordinates of where the city is at. I would definitely get this mod if you’re the adventurous type. Now for some screenshots.

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Walled City Generator Mod

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