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Waging war with your friends in Minecraft is fairly fun, shall I say. For example, you all could be on two separate teams, and then you all just wage war by raiding bases, having a big team fight, or anything of that sort. The only drawback to this, however, is that current system we have an Minecraft right now is not really advanced when it comes to combat mechanics. For example, the only way you could tell if a person is an ally is if you remember their name. Sure, you all could be wearing matching leather armor, but this makes you a blatant target to the enemy team, allowing them to snipe you from very far away.

Fortunately, there is a mod that fixes this, and it is called the war stuff mod. The war stuff mod is a mod that adds several different items and structures that contribute to a better player versus player experience. This includes camouflage, on-the-fly bunkers, and even boxes. The cool part about this, is that there are bunkers, boxes, and camouflage for the various biomes in Minecraft. This means that you can wage war against your friends, even if they are in a different biome. All you have to do, is change your camouflage to one that corresponds with the biome, and you are all set. Now, as for telling your friends apart from your enemies, allies could be wearing the same skin, or at least skins with similar color types. The camouflage will still allow you to remain unseen by the enemy for the most part, and the players nearby will be able to tell if you’re an ally or an enemy right off the bat. This means that you won’t get sniped from across the map though.

As stated above, this mod excels when it comes to player versus player experiences. However, this mod also proves to be quite useful in survival scenarios. Thanks for this mod, you can create an instant bunker if need be, allowing for quick shelter against the mobs at night.

In conclusion, the war stuff mod is a very well-made mod, and is recommended for you if you previously had problems with player versus player experiences with your friends, And would like to improve on it somehow.

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