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Wasteland Mod -The wasteland mod is exactly what the name implies. No grass, No leaves, NO water what will you do now..?

Do you want to make survival in Minecraft harder? The Wasteland mod can and will accomplish that. This mod will make survival almostimpossible, you will have to go search for water because water no longer spawns in large lakes or oceans but small springs so that it wont last a large amount of time. The Wasteland mod also gets rid of grass in your world making it into a dirt and stone world.All the greenery is gone it changes the way trees look making them not have leaves and they are less likely to spawn unless you find an oasis.

Pumpkins, reeds and flowers will no longer spawn in minecraft with this mod. Life is hard with the wasteland mod but you can find randomly spawned structure that will have objects that you will need to survive in the waste land known as Minecraft. In a situation like this you want to find a food supply or a water supply, when you find these create a small home to protect you from the environment using whatever you can find. Most likely stone or dirt but you want to use dirt. You will most likely want to use the dirt because it is the easiest to gather. Once you do this you should explore and this is all the advice i can give you. So to you my fellow miner i say good luck.

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