Water Shader Mod


Water Shader Mod – Ever wanted the water to reflect in Minecraft to give it that more “High-Definition” feel? Well this mod is for you!

The Water Shader Mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds real time reflections to water. Not only does this make Minecraft look prettier, it also gives Minecraft a High Definition or console quality feel, as in this mod gives Minecraft some elements that are in most of the modern games, such as the already stated water reflections and waving water. Yeah, this Mod also makes the water have some waves if you look closely. However, Minecraft still maintains its fidelity when it comes to gameplay because this is only a visual mod. But like most visual mods, there will be an impact on performance. This mod will take some FPS away because of the resources it needs. It may vary for some, but if you run Minecraft at a steady 70-80 FPS, your FPS might drop to a steady 30 FPS. So it’s recommended that you have an up to date PC that can run most of the modern games today if you want to use this mod.

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Water Shader Mod

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