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Make your game a lot more intense with the Weather and tornadoes mod, it make your weather a lot more dangerous causing tornadoes and much more. The weather and tornadoes mod adds wind into your game causing leaves to fly, waterfalls, and waves on water. There is five stages to extended weather it increases with every stage making it more dangerous,water spouts, tornadoes, and hurricanes spawn naturally at the highest point of storms. When atornadospawns it damages the terrain by lifting up blocks and throwing them down on other areas, if you are picked up by one of these there is little chance that you will survive. You can craft a tornado sensor and a tornado siren to alert you if there is a tornado nearby and will allow you to make it out on time. What i would do is build a bunker deep underground and once you hear the siren go off i would go down a chute and wait out the storm. Or if youdon’twant your home to be destroyed build your house and your farm underground but then what would be the fun of that if youaren’tin any danger.What i would also do is pause the game play some dramatic music and stand back and watch as my home and all the work i have done on that specific map go away and are destroyed by a storm. There are many ways to avoid a tornado, i’m not sure if they spawn more frequently in flat region but if so build up on a mountainorwherever you prefer. Whatever you decide beware the storms you will have much more to worry about other than rare lightning strikes.



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Weather and Tornadoes Mod

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