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Weeping Angels Mod – Ever wanted to add a slight horror experience in Minecraft? Then check this mod out!

TheWeeping Angels Mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds the weeping Angel in the game. the mod makes the weeping Angel stand still when looked at, and try to move towards you would not look that. it’s a different story during the night though. The weeping Angel will attack you no matter what during the night. On top of that, the weeping Angel also try to take out any source of light if it is night time, or if you are in the dark cave. This means that you can get lost pretty easily since it will take out all your torches leading to the exit, and can also cause unexpected attacks by this angel. If you ask me, this mod will add a creepy vibe your game whenever you are mining, or venturing out at night.

As stated above, weeping Angels will only spawn at night, or if the light level is below zero. This is pretty good, as it means that you can venture out in daylight without being harassed by one of these creatures. The weeping Angel does not burn in daylight though. Additionally, the only way to kill the weeping Angels with pickaxe, and if you’re playing on the hard difficulty, the only way to kill it is with a diamond pickaxe. All in all, this mod is very good for the Minecraft players that would like to add a scarier atmosphere during the night into their game.

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Weeping Angels Mod

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