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Weird Hybrids Mod – You think you’ve seen weird things in Minecraft, just wait until you get this mod.

The Weird Hybrids mod mixes together certain mobs together to create a new one. It’s nothing random, it just gives it the appearance of the two mobs that were mixed together. For example, a pig and a creeper, a pig that has a creeper skin. Not only does it just have that skin, it will take in the properties of that mob to. Now that the pig is mixed with a creeper, it will become hostile and explode when near you. When you see all the other mobs, you’ll get that tingly monster mash feeling.

The mod offers 6 new mobs and 12 new items. The six mod it adds are The Villager Skeleton, The Zolf, The Chow, The Creepig, Ender Cube, and Spider Pig! The 6 new item it adds are specially made for the hybrids that the mod creates. It adds a egg for each of the new mobs, some items and tools for you to use against them, and a new ingot, which is the ender ingot. The ender ingot is used to craft the tools and weapons, in order to craft an ender ingot, you need ender pearls and then just fill your crafting space with it. The mod adds a new variety with mobs with a livelier or creepier environment to Minecraft.

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Weird Hybrids Mod

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