Whole Tree Axe Mod


Whole Tree Axe Mod – Cut down entire trees with single hit, thanks to this mod!

Cutting trees down with the normal axes in Minecraft can get extremely tedious, especially if there aren’t any trees around your house, meaning you are in a race against time to go find a biome with tons of wood in it. On top of that, once you get to the biome, it takes forever to get the required amount of wood you need because you need to cut down trees block by block.

That’s where this mod comes in. With this mod, you can just right-click the very bottom of a tree, and it will cut the whole tree down. Unlike the tree capitator mod, or the timber mod, this mod doesn’t change the mechanics of the normal axes, but rather adds an axe of its own, which requires 5 diamonds. This makes this mod still fairly balanced, meaning that the beginning phase of playing survival is virtually unaffected, while making the established phase of playing (havinga house, farm, and lots of ores) more efficient.

Even though the axe itself only has 56 uses, the axe can virtually cut down any tree of any size almost instantly. I would recommend to use this axe exclusively on theextremelylarge jungle trees, as theyyieldthe most amount of wood per use. What would normally take several minutes to cut down with a normal axe, this mod does in seconds!

In the end, this mod is a nice addition to the game, and is very balanced because of its crafting recipe requirements, along with only having 56 uses. I would definitely recommend this mod to anyone who would like to cut down trees faster, but would still like to preserve some balance in the game. Now for somescreenshotsof the mod.

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Whole Tree Axe Mod

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