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Wild Grass Mod – Add even more wild grass into Minecraft with this mod, adding to the atmosphere even more!

The tall grass in Minecraft was always plain looking, and didn’t really serve a purpose. When I say that, I didn’t mean a survival purpose, but rather, an atmospheric purpose. The grass is very plain, and it randomly put throughout the world. It’s almost like it’s therejustbecause it has to be. It never really embraces the wildlife atmosphere.

That’s where theWild Grass Mod comes into play. TheWild Grass Mod is a mod that stays true to wild grass. Rather than being like the tall grass in Minecraft, which is just there, the wild grass grows from normal grass blocks, and spreads as well. This can allow for an atmosphere that just screams “wildlife”, which is what Minecraft’s survival portion has been all about. This mod, in essence, really shows the wildlife part of Minecraft, because if you think about it, if in real life, we were to never really pay attention to nature around us, it would one day come around and overtake us as human beings as well.

Anyways, the wild grass mod also adds some nice features into the game that the tall grass didn’t have before. Those features include:

  • Grass will have stages of growth.
  • Grass can grow up to two blocks high.
  • Grass willspreadover time.
  • In order to remove the wild grass, you will have to use a hoe to shorten the grass. There is apossibilitythat the grass will drop seeds.

Pretty neat right? All in all, this mod is fairly small, but is a great addition, anddefinitelyimproves on theatmosphereof the game vastly. If you’re the kind of person that would like to see the naturalistic side of Minecraft flourish, then this modisfor you!

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Wild Grass Mod

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