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WildCaves – Spice up the realism and true wonderment felt in Minecraft’s caves.

This version of the WildCaves mod is a bit of a reprisal of dilla’s WildCaves mod, as support for the original has slacked off for quite some time. What the mod essentially does is add enhanced ambiance to the caves in Minecraft, and makes them feel overall more like actual caves, rather than large expanses under the surface. What this mod does to add to said ambiance and atmosphere is introduces stalactites and stalagmites.

The stalactites and stalagmites make the caves look much less bare and void of any true substance besides ore. They negate some lights, thus adding to the overall atmosphere of the caves. Underground areas in Minecraft are now much more interesting to explore now, and are even a bit creepier at times. The textures and sprites are from Dilla’s original mod, with some added features by greyjusticar.

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WildCaves Mod

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