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Wireless Redstone – Has redstone wiring been such a clutter for you? Do wires get mixed up and give you an undesired effect? Then you have got to see the Wireless Redstone mod!

The Wireless Redstone mod is a mod that makes redstone wiring in Minecraft less complicated. Not only does it make redstone wiring a bit easier, it will reduce the size of contraptions and machines you make. This also means you can make redstone wiring go straight up without any hassle. But here’s the really useful part: you can change the frequencies of the redstone transmitter and redstone receiver, meaning that one redstone transmitter will only transmit redstone signal on the frequency it’s on and the redstone receiver will only receive signal from a transmitter that has the same frequency. All you have to do is right click the transmitter (or receiver) and change their frequency! This is particularly useful if you want to make elaborate mechanisms but don’t want to have to format redstone (place blocks, change elevation, etc) so they won’t connect with other redstone currents.

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Wireless Redstone Mod

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