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Okay, so you love your normal old wolf, but have you ever wished that your wolf could do more, such as jumping really high, running really fast, and even be on fire? Then this mod is definitely for you.

To begin with, there are about 13 types of wolves that have been added into the game. those wolves include:

  • Snow wolf, which drops snowballs,
  • Ender wolf, which drops ender pearls,
  • Diamond wolf, which drops diamonds of course,
  • Redstone wolf, which drops, well, redstone,
  • Emerald wold, which drops emeralds,
  • Gold wolf, which drops gold ingots,
  • Iron wold, which drops iron,
  • Cake wolf, which drops cake,
  • Wither wold, which drops nether stars,
  • Fire wolf, which drops Flint and Steel,
  • Water wolf, which drops water buckets,
  • Lava wolf, which drops lava buckets,
  • and the Dirt wolf, which, you guessed it, drops clay.

Yeah, all these wolves can be tamed with bones, but why would you tame them when you can slay them for valuable resources? Actually, that’s a horrible idea, because, as I alreadymentioned these wolves run very fast, and can jump about 2.5 blocks high when they attack. You aren’t really safe no matter where you’re at now sadly.

Overall, this mod is very nice, though I would like to see each wolf have auniqueability, such as the fire wolf setting anything it attacks on fire, or the ender wolf being able to teleport anywhere. All in all, this mod is great for anyone who would like to have more wolves in their game. Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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Wolves Plus Mod

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