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World Downloader Mod – Have you ever been on a server and the place was so good, that you wish you could download it? Then check this mod out!

TheWorld Downloader Mod is a mod for Minecraft that allows you to download any multiplayer world. this means that you can now download those amazing structures, and go inside them for your own viewing pleasure. This could also be useful for those servers that have a door lock plugin, which means you can’t enter it unless your username is on the sign. all you have to do is just download the world and enter it. You can now see what was inside that house.

You might be thinking yourself, “what’s the catch?” Unfortunately, in order to download the world, you’ll have to walk around, and make sure structures that you want to download earning your viewing range,which is approximately 160 blocks in every direction. Then again, this is a good thing, because Minecraft worlds are huge and it would take countless hours to download a whole world, even when the place hasn’t been tampered. Another catch is that it doesn’t save items inside chests or furnaces,and the only way for them to be saved is if you right-click them. You can, however save them by right clicking on them and opening them. This isn’t the mod’s limitation, but rather a server restriction to prevent all the resources from being used up.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this mod if you ever wanted to download a map from a server. Now for some screenshots of the mod in action.

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World Downloader Mod

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