Worldgen Editor (Wedge) Mod


Wedge Editor Mod – Forget the randomly generated maps and make the worlds YOU want to play!

The Worldgen Editor Mod, also known as the wedge mod, essentially adds a slew of new settings to tinker with. With these settings, one can assure that any new map generated will be to their liking. Create your own superflat map, or add one full of floating islands, either one (plus infinitely more possibilities) are available!

Features inside the toolkit include settings for the amount of ore per vein/blob, such as diamonds or lapis lazul, and the roughness of ground layer terrain. This mod is simply brilliant as many a time has arisen where I have forced myself to restart in single-player Survival Mode due to the map not being to my liking, or nearly putting me at a disadvantage for surviving and thriving. Even if you don’t intend on making your own custom maps in the future, just having this mod at your disposal is more than worth it.

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Worldgen Editor (Wedge) Mod

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