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Xenos Reliquary Magic Items Mod – Add several new items into your game that vastly improve the experience of Minecraft!

Minecraft has been lacking items lately. For example, there’s only swords and bows and arrows for weapons, and nothing more. Sure, you can use TNT as a weapon, but come on, that’s not really a viable choice, now is it. In addition to that, there aren’t any magical items into the game ,such as crossbows thatlightstuff on fire and whatnot.

That’s whyXenos Reliquary Mod has came to be.Xenos Reliquary Mod is a mod thataimsto fix this problem by adding several new items and weapons into the game aimed to to make your experience much better. no longer will you have to roam around the land with just a sword in your hand, practically defenseless from creepers! In fact, creepers will fear you from now on!

To startthingsoff,Xenos Reliquary Modallowsyou to craft a handgun, which allows for you to engage mobsfrom a safe distance withpracticallyno wait time compared to the bow and arrow. this can really save you a ton of times when it comes to survival. In addition, this mod also gives you the ability to craft a grenade, which should make quick work of hordes of mobs. These items are extremely useful when it comes to engaging tons of mobs.

All in all, this mod is very full featured, and this post has only covered a very small portion of it. There’s also a ton of features that revolve around the magical side of things, and it’s up to you to look into that! If you want a more in-depth view of this mod, check out the video below. In the end though, this mod is recommended for anyone who would like to add more items, such as weapons into their game.

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