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Has it ever bothered you how Steve gets spawned into Minecraft as an adult, and remains an adult his entire time in Minecraft? Has this ever made you think, “This isn’t how it’s like in real life!” Have you ever wanted to be able to break that chain, and completely change the way Minecraft’s aging system works, mainly by actually adding one? Then we have got your fix!

Introducing theYears C Mod! TheYears C Mod is a mod that adds an aging system in Minecraft that lasts a total of 450 Minecraft days, but your model stops growing after 50 Minecraft days. This mod makes it so you age gradually over the course of 50 Minecraft days. After that, you should have an adult model, all the way to 450 days. After 450 Minecraft days, there is a chance that you could die randomly due to old age.

This mod is very small, but can add quite a challenge to your game, especially if you play survival on the hardcore game mode. Let’s say that you spent your entire (Minecraft) lifetime building this awesome building this awesome building in hardcore, but then you realized that 450 days have passed. This means that you could randomly die at any point in time now, and that that awesome building could get destroyed at any moment.

In the end, this mod is very small, and adds very little value to the game, but that’s not the point of this mod. The point of this mod is to tell you to appreciate all the little things in life, because you could lose it at any moment, whether it be from accidents, or from natural causes. Or maybe, I’m just being too deep. Regardless, this mod is pretty nice.


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Years C Mod

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1.6.4 1.6.2 1.7.10
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