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You Are Herobrine Mod – Become the legendary mythical creature that has haunted many Minecraft players! The folktale of Herobrine is no longer a myth thanks to this mod!

Ah, Herobrine, the mythical creature that hasconstantlybeen in several Minecraft horror stories. Unfortunately, Herobrine isn’t real, and has been proven false by Notch himself, stating that he never had a brother, and Herobrine is just a myth. However, just to mess with people, Notch does put “Removed Herobrine” on updatechange logsin order to make people slightly weary. There is a way to addHerobrineinto your game, however.

The best part is, you are Herobrine this time around! The You are Herobrine mod is a mod that makes you become the legendary Herobrine, and your main purpose is to hunt down innocent “Steves” and villagers. Whenever you slay a Steve, or an NPC that looks like a normal Minecraft player, you will get a Steve soul, which is important for crafting necronomicons, but we’ll get more into that later. Anyways, Steve will attempt to run away from you on sight because you are Herobrine. Other mobs don’t seem to mine you too much, however.

Once you collect arespectableamount ofStevesouls, you now have to start mining forInvisibleore, and Ice Ruby ore. Once you acquire these, you can now make necronomicons. A necronomicon is a book that hasuniqueabilities, all depending on what level you acquire. The first level allows you to become invisible, meaning that you can sneak up on Steve without alarming him. The second level allows for you to be immune to sunlight, which becomes incredibly useful. The third level allows you to jump four blocks high, and you can constantly keep jumping too, allowing for double, triple, and even quadruple jumps.

All in all, this mod is fantastic. It is put together really well, and I would defintiely recommend it for any survivalenthusiastsout there looking for a different perspective of their game. Also, on the side note, the red moon reminds me of a not so well known anime called 11eyes.

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