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Zaedes SteamWorks Mod – Relive the good old days where everything was powered by steam, thanks to this mod!

Oh how I loved the old days, where everything was powered by steam. the steam powered locomotive changed the industrial market as we knew it. It made everything so much easier when it came to transportation. The manual task of having to run back and forth between places on horses were the past after the steam engine. Automation is amazing, so why not have it in Minecraft as well?

IntroducingZaedes SteamWorks Mod!Zaedes SteamWorks Mod is a mod that automates simple tasks like cutting trees down and mining, through the power of steam! How awesome is that? Anyways, like any awesome steam creation, you will need an engine. In order for the engine to work, you will need to give it steam. there are currently two ways to give steam to the engine. The first way would be to right-click it, and put steam capsules inside of it. The other, and more automatic way, would be to create a steam producing machine.

Anyways, with the steam producing machine and engine, all you need to do after that is to place a machine next to it, such as a lumberjack machine. Here’s what this mod currently has to offer machine-wise:

  • Lumberjack – Harvests and replants trees in an 8 block radius. Must have engine next to it, and you must also power it via redstone as well.
  • Miner- Mines approximately 2 chunks worth of blocks underneath it.Must have engine next to it, and you must also power it via redstone as well.
  • Experience Machine – This machine randomly drops experience.Must have engine next to it, and you must also power it via redstone as well.

All in all, this mod is great. The above are a glimpse of the main machines in the game, but there’s more. You can check the video or wiki out below for more information about this mod.

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Zaedes SteamWorks Mod

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