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Navigating around Minecraft can get pretty daunting at times. Sometimes, if you’re not paying attention, the terrain can end up hurting or killing you. This is rather inconvenient when it comes to traveling. Sure, you could pay more attention to theterrain but this also means that you’re paying less attention to the place you’re going to, and this means that you might end up getting lost, which is also something that you don’t want to happen. If only there was a way to fix this problem…

Well, thanks toZans MiniMap Mod, there is a fix!Zans MiniMap Mod is a mod that adds a mini-map into the game, which allows you to view what’s ahead of you, along with what’s around you as well. This will allow for greater terrainawareness. In addition,Zans MiniMap also makes it so you can add waypoints into the game, which means that you can easily find where, let’s say, your house is, or where a village you stumbled upon is located. What’s even cooler is that the waypoints not only just show up on the map, but they also show up on the terrain as streaks of light that go all the way up to the sky. This ultimately allows for better terrain navigation, without ever straying away from your main destination.

Let’s say, for example, you were mining, and you decided that you want to go home.Unfortunately, it’s night time, meaning that there’s a ton of mobs out to get you. Normally, one might either just run home as quickly as possible, or just camp out at the mining site until it’s dawn. If you ask me, both of these options aren’t exactly good options. One will get you lost and killed, while the other is plain tedious. Thanks to this mod, you can go home at a slow and steady pace. Rather than running home because fighting mobs might make you lose your sense of direction, you can engage every single mob, while progressing slowly back to your house. This ultimately means that your chances of coming home in one piece are much greater.

All in all, this mod is pretty nice, and is recommended for anyone who wants a mini-map in their game.



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