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Zeppelin Mod – Ever wanted to fly that amazing plane you built out of Minecraft blocks? Well now you can thanks to this mod!

this Mod is a mod for Minecraft that allows you to be able to fly or sail any creation you make. You heard me right. Anything. Well almost anything. Unfortunately, this Mod has a 1024 block limit, but this safety feature can be easily changed. Be careful though, as it will take a while for the mod to pick up the object, depending on the size, and it could crash your game. However, if you are alright with that, and you think your PC can handle it, then go for it and disable this safety feature (You can figure out how to do so in the official forums post (link is below)).

Anyways, this Mod is amazing. You can even call it revolutionary. To use this mod, you will have to craft one of the following below, depending on what kind of vehicle it is:

After that, place it anywhere on the vehicle. While you’re at it, I would recommend to make it so the vehicle is not touching the ground, or is only touching the water (if you have a boat). That way, there will not be any false detections. The mod will not pick up the blocks in the config list included with the mod. This includes water, dirt, redstone, levers, and much more. This is for safety, but if you believe that you are careful enough, you can make it so the mod can pick the type of block you want up by editing the config file (again, you can figure out how to do this in the official forums post (link below)). After that, just right-click the block, and you are ready to go!

The controls of this Mod are as follows:

  • “8″ Increases the speed of the vehicle.
  • “2″ Decreases the speed of the vehicle.
  • “4″ Rotates the vehicle left.
  • “6″ Rotates the vehicle right.
  • “5″ Stops the vehicle.
  • “+” Makes the vehicle ascend.
  • “-” Makes the vehicle descend.
  • “*” aligns the vehicle to the Minecraft grid.

These controls are the default controls of the mod, and require a number pad. If your keyboard does not have a number pad, you can either turn on number lock, or you can edit the controls in “options.txt”.

Did I mention that you can remotely control a vehicle? Well you can! Just craft (or spawn) the remote control below:

Activate the block you just placed on the vehicle. Now, with the remote control in hand, right-click the block again. That remote is now linked with that vehicle. The best part is, you can have multiple remotes to control multiple things, so this means that you can have a secret wall to hide all your stuff in, while still being able to fly (or sail) your vehicle remotely, or even have a hangar with fully functioning doors and whatnot. It’s up to your imagination! Now for videos of the mod in action.

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Zeppelin Mod

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