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Zombie Hunt Mod – Ever wanted to clear villages full of zombies in Minecraft? Than this mod is for you!

The Zombie Hunt Mod is a mod for Minecraft that changes the way you play in Minecraft. your job is to kill as many zombies as possible before you yourself die. here are some features of the mod:

  • You spawn with a pistol, a health pack, and a grenade.
  • You don’t have to worry about hunger, but at the same time, your health regenerates 25% slower.
  • The towns are filled with zombies and zombie spawners.
  • It will always be permanently dark.
  • The village size depends on the biome.
  • The number of zombies and villagers you kill, and the number of zombie spawners you destroy will be counted.
  • There are nine different weapons. It is up to you to find out what they are.
  • There are two types of grenades. One is the normal grenade that blows up anything it hits, and the other is an incendiary grenade that sets stuff on fire on contact.
  • Zombie spawners only take a couple of seconds to destroy, compared to the vanilla Minecraft ones that take more than 30 seconds to destroy.
  • Zombies and zombie spawners drop ammunition.
  • Supply crates can be found near town halls and churches, and usually have ammunition, health packs, and grenades.
  • Non-hostile mobs are disabled, meaning that you won’t find pigs, cows, and sheep. You may however encounter some chickens.
  • Zombie spawners spawn zombies at a much faster rate, and that rate also increases over time, so it’s recommended to destroy zombie spawners when you find them.

That’s pretty much it, and the whole point of this mod is to kill as many zombies as you can!The current record of zombies killed is 6969, by “Simply_Anonymous” as shown in the screenshots below. if you beat this record, either create a screenshot or video, and posted in the comments section below.

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Zombie Hunt Mod

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