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42′s Remnant Pack – A texture pack calling back to the days of 16-color palette gaming.

42′s Remnant’s Texture Pack is made as a sort of tribute to the classic computer games of the 90′s, where 16-color palettes reigned supreme (solely due to technical limitations of the era, but that’s a different story). This texture pack boasts bright and exuberant colors, with classic games such as Ultima and King’s Quest being the inspiration behind the pack itself. Simply recreating the feeling of these games is done very well by the Remnant pack, and itincites a sense of nostalgia.

What is great is that even for those who did not grow up during this era, those who simply know of the games of that era still feel their influence in this texture pack. Caves are dark and carry a sense of deep exploration now, and just traversing the world causes chip-tune music to play in your head. The pack is wonderfully done, and is sure to appeal to anyone who grew up in the gaming era this texture pack sought to recreate.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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42′s Remnant Resource Pack

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