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Auracraft Texture Pack – A standard texture pack with beauty.

The Auracraft Texture Pack is a texture pack that has been out for quite some time already, but has only until very recently not come to my attention. I generally dislike standard definition texture packs as they tend to be ‘simple’ packs that contain overly bright and ‘cutesy’ textures. This wouldn’t be as bad if they weren’t cranked out ad nauseam. You can imagine my pleasant surprise when I stumbled across the Auracraft texture pack, seeing as how it goes against the grain that I so very much hold disdain for.

For starters, this texture pack looks great enough to be on par with a typical high definition texture pack. In addition, it presents a style that is disgustingly saccharine andover-saturatedin cuteness. It gives Minecraft an almost gloomy makeover, and alters the mood considerably, something I welcome. Whereas an HD texture pack I like comes by every so often, it is a rare occasion where a standard texture pack really amazes me. Such is the case here, and I am very happy to recommend it to anyone looking for a change of pace.

Now for some screenshots of the texture pack.

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Auracraft Resource Pack

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